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Shawna provides both media relations training seminars and individualized media relations consulting:


Media relations consulting

Individualized consulting for organizations and individuals that are looking for condensed media relations advice for upcoming public awareness campaigns; dealing with sensitive issues with the media; or simply, generalized tips on how to successfully interact with the media - to ensure that their messages get out to the public


Media relations training seminars

Basic or advanced sessions are available depending on the client's requirements and availabilities. This training includes consultation and preparation for the session in advance; a presentation during the session with engaging video examples of the dos and don'ts of interactions with the news media; and recorded mock media interviews with playback and critique.  (All recorded interviews are provided to the organization)

Each participant receives my specialized Media Training Manual with education material geared toward the client organization’s individual needs.  

Shawna’s Webinars

Have a group that isn’t able to take part in training at your headquarters, or are you an individual looking for basic training who lives out of the Edmonton area?  I also provide engaging webinars geared directly toward my clients’ needs.



Following training, I provide up to three hours of additional complimentary consulting for any clients who need some extra guidance within the following month.  


Participants Learn:

  • About the latest local media landscape (which outlets make up the Alberta media);

  • About the pressures on media outlets and reporters and why they may seem to be aggressive and impatient sometimes (and how to deal with that);

  • How to maximize media exposure - how to get the media to cover your story ideas, or your events;

  • How to form and develop long-lasting relationships with the news media;

  • How to control all conversations with the media, instead of allowing reporters to take control - tips from the first contact (over the phone or in person), through to the end of the interview process;

  • How to prepare for media interviews;

  • How to conduct a successful media interview to ensure that you get messages out to the public (this section of the seminar includes videotaped mock-interviews and critique);

  • Monitoring of media coverage - finding out whether your messages did get out to the public.