Shawna Randolph is a highly respected and trusted communications specialist with an extensive array of experience, knowledge and invaluable skills needed to be an exceptional consultant.

Shawna is most well known in Alberta as a popular television news journalist.  She most recently was co-host of CTV-2's Alberta Primetime (2013-2018), a daily province-wide current events news magazine show.  She is also well known for her time with CTV Edmonton (1991-2001), most notably as the station's prime news anchor.  

Shawna also has an in-depth career history as an award winning communications professional.  She has managed media relations and several other communications duties for the City of Edmonton’s Transportation Department (2001-2005).  She has also operated the City of Edmonton’s Media Relations Unit (2005-2008), and has been the City of Edmonton’s Media Relations Training Specialist (either as a full-time employee in the past, or current vendor) since 2005.  Her most recognized media relations specialist role, however, was spokesperson and media relations coordinator for the Edmonton Humane Society (2008-2013).

While operating this communications firm since 2008, Shawna has guided, inspired and educated several CEO’s and members of senior management teams; communications specialists; front-line workers; City or Town Mayors/Councillors; high-profile municipal committee members; designated organization spokespeople; and everyday people simply looking for the right person to help them communicate a message that is important to them, to protect their reputation in the public.

Shawna is a proud recipient of Edmonton's Woman of the Year Award, presented by Consumers' Choice Awards for Business Excellence.