Why Choose Shawna?

Whew! Another busy week! I’m feeling so blessed that many organizations in Alberta this spring have been calling on me to help them be proactive in protecting their reputation & becoming more comfortable in interactions with the news media and being interviewed.
Thanks @bwalkcommunity @foodbanksalberta & The Canadian Patient Safety Institute for these great recent sessions! 
It is so rewarding to be able to share my experience and expertise. #mediarelations #yegmedia #news #newsmedia #reputationmanagement #crisiscommunications #mockmediainterviews

I am a highly respected media relations specialist with a large client base that has greatly benefitted from my expertise; from members of government (elected officials & their staff members); government administration; non-profit organizations; company executives, managers and front-line staff members; or individuals simply looking for training to protect their positive reputation.

I also have the most current perspective of the news media in the province with my recent experiences within the news media industry. I have been able to effectively keep a pulse on the current news media community in order to provide my clients with the most relevant advice in their quest to maintain long-lasting relationships with the news media, maximize media exposure of events and stories, protect their company/organization’s positive public perception, and control all contact with members of the current news media especially during a crisis situation.

I have a combined 28 years of experience in both the journalism/media relations industries. I have spent 14 years working in television journalism and also 14 years as the City of Edmonton’s media training specialist.  I also handled all media relations for the Edmonton Humane Society for 5 years, between 2008 and 2013.

During my media relations training sessions, I sub-contract former journalist, Rob Zittlau to add to the “mock media interview” portions to make them as real as possible. Rob is a videographer who used to work with CTV National News’ Edmonton Bureau when there used to be a local bureau in our province.  When that bureau was dissolved, he opened his company, “ICU Video Productions.” Rob operates the video recording equipment, plays the role of a journalist, and contributes exceptional feedback during the playback and critique of the interviews.

The experience and expertise that Rob and I provide is truly unique since we offer comprehensive and highly experienced insight of media relations with our extensive backgrounds.